Babyono Shampoo Rinse Cup - Pink

SKU: SD3a41721

The WHALE cup has a lid with three different slots – each slot offers a different stream of water that can be adapted to the age or preferences of your baby. The cup makes rinsing your baby’s hair and body easier, while protecting eyes and face from soap and water. It is a very handy and extremely useful element of baby’s baths – it makes shampooing easier, especially for those who have not yet discovered the fun of playing with water.


  • 3 slots with different streams of water, adaptable to baby’s age,
  • easy to fill with water,
  • a perfect bath companion for toddlers,
  • has an optimal weight after filled with water,
  • made from high quality materials, BPA- and phthalate-free



  • height:  15 cm
  • width:  18 cm

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