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The cult toy returns to favour!

They were the dream of several generations back, now they can be hosted on your child's shelf - soldiers!

A huge set that includes everything you need to build a base, develop strategies and conduct battles. A real treat for little army lovers!

It is fun which teaches logical thinking and at the same time stimulates the development of small motor skills. Manipulation of small elements exercises your grip and dexterity. Moreover, playing with the soldiers stimulates creativity and allows them to feel the role of a real strategist.

The set enables you to play alone but it is also a great inspiration for spending time in a larger group. Not only your peers! We are convinced that the adults will also recall the times when they played with those soldiers or dreamed about having them.

300 elements allow for various modes of play. There are enough figures for many generals.

In the set you will find soldiers in two sizes:
  • larger (5cm) in two colours (green and beige "desert storm")
  • smaller (3,5cm) in three colours (green, red and silver)
This allows you to create two completely separate battlefields. Nothing prevents you from setting them up against each other though! In each variant you have a variety of battlefield equipment at your disposal:
  • military base buildings
  • watchtowers
  • trenches with ladders
  • entanglements
  • army tent
Of course, every battlefield needs the right weapons. Divide them among the armies before the decisive clash. The choice is enormous:
  • cannons
  • fighter planes
  • troop carriers
  • tanks with movable turrets
  • replica guns
  • ...and even a submarine!
To give the set even more realism, military base equipment and landscape elements are included. You will find:
  • oil barrels
  • petrol canisters
  • national flags
  • rocks
  • mounds of sand
  • plants

Material: plastic
  • Packaging: 31cm x 25.5cm x 12cm
  • Soldiers in two sizes 5cm and 3.5cm high
  • Example tank: 10cm x 5cm x 2.5cm
Toy for children over 3 years old.

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