10 best kids shows in Ireland now

10 best kids shows in Ireland now

Well let’s face it since Bananas in Pyjamas are no longer broadcasted, your kids are probably doomed to watch more up-to-date content. So, if you feel that another binge-watch of Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol is not necessarily the best of what you can do for their cognitive development don't panic, we're here to help. We have gone through tons of children's shows available in Ireland to come up with the list of 10 quality content for children that will NOT make you feel like a horrible parent when you let them watch it. Ready?


1 Woozle & Pip – TG4

Characters of a Woozle & Pip cartoon on a multicolour background

By far this is the most eagerly awaited Irish cartoon by our kids. The story is about the adventures of two cute doggies who, together with a group of friends, play and learn in a colourful magic garden. Irish pronunciation is very audible and dialogues are dubbed at the right pace so they can pick up a lot of vocabulary.

 Every Saturday and Sunday @ 8.10 AM on TG4 or online

2 Our Planet Series – Netflix
Destroyed Baobab trees featured in Netflix "Our_Planet" Series

 Possibly the most spectacular nature show ever created. Presented by a legendary David Attenborough. Its mesmerizing footage keeps the child’s attention for the whole 45 minutes and will make an impact. 

3 Ask the StoryBots – Netflix 

Characters of a "Ask_the_Storybots" Netflix show on an blurred background

Funny and colourful TV show with silly yet curious creatures who answer real questions asked by children. To kids, this is like any other cartoon, but little do they know how educational it is. They won't be able to get enough of this one!


4 Wonder What? – RTÉ player

Orange and red text "Wonder What" on a blue background


Does your youngster ask a million questions day after day? If so this RTÉ show is just for you as it answers the questions that you no longer have the strength to answer. This program show’s in detail how everyday things are made, but it does this in a kid-friendly and engaging way.


5 Babble Dabble Do – Kids YouTube 

Collage of craft pictures from Babble Dabble Do YouTube channel

YouTube channel filled with tons of gorgeous craft videos and ideas found nowhere else.
Learn how to make electric playdough, blast up the boredom with "stixplosions" or just how to make great slime. Once they get hooked up on some of these ideas you’ll finally have time for that much-needed cup of tea or a bottle of wine if you please.


6 Crash Course Kids – Kids YouTube 

title "Crash Course" on a dark blue background

Variety of serious science subjects presented in a very straightforward and engaging way.
Under every video, you’ll find a reference to the actual teaching objective covered in the video. All the topics are a part of an existing US curriculum for students. Looks like science could be fun too.

7 Word Party – Netflix 

Characters of a "Word Party" Netflix show on a light background

It's a cheerful baby show focused on speech skills development amongst the youngest viewers. Four “baby animals are trying to figure out new words through songs and plays. One of the few worthy baby programs on the web.

8 Masha and the Bear – Netflix or Kids Youtube 

"Bear" and "Masha" from "Masha and the Bear" stand in the background of the forest

It’s a delightful story about a witty little girl who gets into trouble all the time, yet patient and caring bear is always there to help her out and forgive the calamities she got him into. With its most popular episode exceeding four billion views on YouTube that beautiful animation is the single most popular Russian export since the USSR times.

9 Let's Find Out – RTÉ player 

Three main characters of the "Let's Find Out" TV show on a light background

Fair play to RTÉ for this show. It's a 20-part science series, where questions asked by children are being answered in the form of fun and informative experiments that you can do at home. This all happens in a cool spaceship called Curiosity, with Ciara and Mark leading the show and  an alien pilot leading the ship.


10 Shaun the Sheep – Netflix 

Three main characters of the "Let's Find Out" TV show on a light background

Adorable, stop motion series about Shaun the sheep. He's not like any other sheep you’ve met. He’s clever, kind and brave. It was meant for children, although adults can't stop watching it either, highly recommended.


Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell – YouTube 

Human and Alien from "Kurzgesagt – in a Nutshell" YouTube show on a dark blue background

We just couldn’t resist adding that extra one, as we think it’s The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. 
It's only suitable for older kids or adults as some of the subjects are more serious. Nevertheless, that channel is a true gem with well over a hundred stunning animations regarding things, people wonder about daily. Every part is carefully prepared in association with top-notch scientists, which makes the episodes extremely factual and full of unexpected insights.


From now on, our children think that watching children's programs is our new hobby and they don't believe that cheap excuse we gave them that it's a part of our job while we work from home.

So, what have we learnt while making that list? 

Well few things, at first most of us parents think that by limiting children's daily screen time we're doing a good enough job to manage their watching behaviour. Truth is that's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, as you can find tons things on kid’s channels that you really wouldn't want them to watch with some of the cartoons being far beyond what we consider appropriate for children.
Having said that my other finding was that we focus too much on the bad picture and forget that TV shows could be a great source of knowledge and an essential way to stimulate their curiosity.
However ridiculous this may sound we all know people who first thought about choosing their dream career under the impact of one of the films or TV programs they watched as kids.

A friend of mine studied archaeology in college and during their first week, students filled out a survey in which one of the first questions was "Why have you decided on Archeology as your major?" almost 90% answered it was because of their love for Indiana Jones series...

So, who knows, maybe If they see enough episodes of Our Planet today they’ll become a David Attenborough of tomorrow? 

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