Christmas Toy Ideas by BabyLove

Christmas Toy Ideas by BabyLove

Every year we all look forward to this special time when kitchen fills up with the scents of roasted ham and mince pies, Home Alone appears on the RTE again and the Christmas lights would be lit on the Christmas tree. Since 2020 was not the best year so far, the upcoming Christmas have an extra task to even the odds a little bit. So let's make sure our children will get their fair share of joy this year! We spoke to Santa and even though the letters are coming to the North Pole day and night, after a couple of chocolate chip cookies he agreed to share a number of toy wishes that come up in the letters all the time:

Grande Villa Wooden Dollhouse - 120 cm | 3yrs+
169.99€ Currently on BLACK FRIDAY SALE for: 119.99€

Which little girl doesn't dream of a beautiful villa for her dolls, one to best reflect the real house? A beautiful wooden dollhouse in a modern style will be a dream come true and will certainly serve for many years. The three-storey residence has 4 independent rooms, a balcony and a lift. A large number of elements gives the possibility of endless fun.

Beautiful wooden furniture has been included in the set, and it will perfectly complement every room in the house.

Magnetic Puzzle Books with Stickers | 3yrs+

This magnetic book will help your child to explore the secrets of magnets, and what's more, it will stimulate curiosity and desire to explore the world.
The puzzle will help to develop manual skills and teach concentration.

Product features:

  • Fantastic magnetic puzzle for children.
  • Great stimulation of imagination and creativity for the little one.
  • A great variety of elements will provide a lot of creative fun
  • The set of magnets will be a real treat for a small artist.
  • Magnets can also be attached to the fridge.
  • The toy will work well for long journeys

Handmade Ball pit + 200 Mix Colour Balls - 10 designs | 1yr+

Handmade ball pit will create the most memorable sensory experiences. Great for playing by yourself, indispensable for playdates. Playing in the ball pit stimulates the imagination, and attracts the attention of even the youngest babies. Over time, they also learn colours, counting and playing independently and together with other children.

Montessori Style Wooden Doll House - 40 cm | 3yrs+
39.99€ Currently on BLACK FRIDAY SALE for: 29.99€
montessori wooden house

A beautiful, spacious, wooden dollhouse, crafted with attention to every detail will be a dream come true for every little girl.
The two-storey residence has been equipped with 4 independent rooms.
and equipped with mini wooden furniture.

It's simple shape and materials makes it a true Montessori style toy. The toy helps to develop manual skills and expand the imagination, countless setups create opportunities for a truly creative play.

WADER Giant Toy Concrete Mixer + Accessories | 3yrs+
79.99€ Currently on BLACK FRIDAY SALE for: 66.99€             

concrete mixer wader

Large concrete mixer made by a well-known WADER Toys for sure is a toy which will provide your child with hours of creative fun while playing outdoors.
It’s durability and outstanding quality of  workmanship guarantee many years of  play.

RC Tractor With a Trailer | 6yrs+

tractor with trailer rc toy

A true 1:16 scale reproduction of a real tractor.The 4-wheel-drive tractor can easily cover any terrain. Attached trailer is not afraid of difficult ground. A bumper/rejector at the front protects the vehicle from collisions. The remote control is simple to use and even the most novice user will be able to drive it.

It’s equipped with headlights at the front, which allow you to have fun even in the dark. In addition, the lights react to the steering - they flash like direction indicators when turning. Great fun both for children and dads.

Milly Mally Jogger Susie - Pink-Grey | 3yrs+
35.99€ Currently on BLACK FRIDAY SALE for: 29.99€  
pink stroller  

Susie is a three-wheeled stroller designed for dolls up to 50 cm long.
Its features and design resemble a real baby stroller.The double wheeled wheels at the front of the pram allow a smooth change of direction.The stroller is equipped with three-point safety belts and a "basket" for accessories necessary during the walk, such as milk bottles, clothes and nappies. It’s also equipped with a foldable booth.

Wooden Blocks Sorter On Wheels – Letters |3yrs+

wooden sorter on wheels letters         

A great educational mobile toy sorter, entirely made of wood. The sorter is at the same time a car on a string and can be pulled around.

Product features:

  • Through play, your child will learn to recognise letters and develop logical thinking skills.
  • It will help you to learn colours
  • The sorter stimulate, creative thinking and helps to develop manual skills.

Milly Mally Rocking Horse – Blue | 3yrs+

rocking hourse blue    

Milly Mally Rocking Horse is defined by its beautiful design, and increased safety due to the profiled saddle. It’s a fun, interactive toy. Horse is making sounds, waving his tail and moving its mouth. Made of pleasant to the touch, high quality materials.

RC Huina CY1550 Excavator 15CH 2.4Ghz | 12yrs+
69.99€ Currently on BLACK FRIDAY SALE for: 59.49€ 

Huina CY1550 Excavator

Turn your child's room into a real construction site.This toy is a realistic model of a mega excavator for special tasks. A toy with lights and realistic sounds is certainly suitable for the job. With this excavator, every child can feel like a real construction worker. It's ideal for both indoor and outdoor fun.

Lacing Set - Montessori Style Toy | 3yrs+

lacing shoes         

A fantastic educational toy to learn how to tie shoelaces. All made of wood.

Product features:

  • The toy has a positive influence on the development of manual skills and logical thinking in children.
  • Your child will quickly learn how to laces his shoes.

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