Fun Ideas for Expanding Your Toddler’s Diet

Fun Ideas for Expanding Your Toddler’s Diet

Many parents can't wait for their children to start eating other foods than milk. Toddlers also show a lot of excitement about finally learning to eat what everyone else is having. Teaching toddlers how to eat other foods could be a bumpy ride at times, we all know it's easier when we let them eat what they already love and sometimes just simply give up as there's enough on our plate anyway. But how long can child survive on plain pasta and bananas alone?

If you don't want to test it out, keep reading, as we have some fun ideas on how you can encourage your toddler to try some new yummy foods.
With a good strategy, you can get your kids to feed on healthy snacks, fruits, and vegetables without unnecessary drama.

Create a routine
Getting your kids to feed on healthy snacks is much easier when you make it a routine. As we all know, kids learn better by watching rather than listening. Your young ones are more likely to eat veggies and fruits if they see you do it more often. As a mother, you might want to make it a family routine to eat veggies or healthy snacks all the time and only take candies and fast foods as treats occasionally. Making your toddlers part of the feeding routine is by letting them sit in their highchair at the dining table with the rest of the family.

Feed them when they're tired.
If you know that a day on the beach makes them tired like nothing else, feed them with your healthy pre-planned snacks when they are the most hungry.
The important thing is to get past the first resistance, once they munch their way through the day, sometimes all you need is that one breakthrough and from then on they will accept new foods.

Let them cook
Let them help you prepare the meals as including your kids in could be more than just fun, as it will encourage them to eat the food they helped prepare. While preparing the food, you can talk more about the ingredients. Sure they will make a mess, but at least they'll nibble something healthy.

Snacks on wheels
Kids eat almost after every three to four hours. The good news is that you don’t always have to compromise your children's diet just because you are on the go. You can prepare their favourite fruit salads, pancakes, and applesauce pouches ahead instead of guilt driven trip to Supermacs.
If your kids love to eat in the car, make yourself a favour and stock up on the containers with lids, non-spill cups and a decent car seat organiser.
Once your snack station on wheels is ready you can hit the road and enjoy the view while the kids would be munching on something healthy.
The right equipment will also reduce inevitable damage to the upholstery.

Be creative
Working smart in your kitchen can save you lots of hard work. Make use of those cookie cutters in your kitchen you barely use. You can use them to cut fruits in several beautiful shapes. Kids will love it, and they will look forward to the next time you intend to serve them fruits or veggies.
Play a pop-up restaurant in the corner of your kitchen with menu, fancy dinnerware and of course some real, delicious food on the plates.

You know your kids better than anyone, so after a couple of trials and error you will know what works best for them. If they love helping around the house, creating a routine should help. If they love playing with shapes, getting your cookie cutters to work should do wonders for you. Nutrition is essential to any human beings’ growth and development, hence the need to ensure that your little ones feed healthy from a young age as people are the creature of habit. If you manage to develop some healthy habits in your children, it will probably be one of the best things you can do for them.


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