Babyono Baby Sterilising Bags

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Have you ever wondered how to make sterilization of bottles, teats, breast pumps and other easier and quicker? There is an easy solution - baby sterilising bags which successfully replace a traditional sterilizer. Put in a microwave, one bag can be used 20 times, sterilization lasts only 1,5min. and each bag is made from sustainable and safe materials, without the use of BPA.

Product features:

  • without the use of chemicals, you can eliminate 99,9% of bacteria and germs
  • sterilization lasts 1,5min. and involves several easy steps
  • ideal for sterilising bottles, teats and breast pumps
  • baby sterilising bags are made from safe materials which do not include BPA
  • the bags are small - for easy storage
  • you can use the bags anywhere, all you need is a microwave
  • the bags are cheaper than an electric sterilizator
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