Classic World Wooden Ring Toss

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A great, skilful dart game by the renowned brand Classic World. It will prove to be a great variety for any party, to play both at home and outside. This mobile game is an exercise of agility with a bit of competition. What makes this game unique is the high-quality workmanship in ecological materials. The game consists of 4 elements which serve as a base, the elements are not permanently attached to each other, which makes you decide how you want to arrange them. You can choose to lay them out in a square or lengthwise direction. Thanks to mobility, the individual elements can also be used for other outdoor activities.

  • The set consists of 4 elements serving as a base - they can be arranged in different configurations
  • 4 stakes, to be placed in the base - after the game is over, they can be taken out and put in a box, so the whole thing does not take up much space
  • 4 string rims
  • The elements are not put on rigidly, the toy packed in a box does not take up much space
Rules of the game:
  • Each player throws 4 rings to the posts.
  • Each post has a number of points for a correct throw.
  • The maximum number of points that can be scored in one queue is 10.
  • After the throw has been made, the next player will start anyway until the agreed number of points have been collected or the time has run out, or the correct number of throws has been made.
  • For skilled players, the difficulty of matching the colour of the base with the colour of the rim may be applied and only score points if the colours can be combined.
Eco toys are toys aimed at children and the youngest, which are made of completely natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials, thanks to which they are 100% safe and harmless not only for the environment itself but also for your child.

Age: 3 years
Product dimensions: 36 x 36 x 16 cm
Packaging dimensions: 36.5 x 6 x 21 cm

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