Smoby Flextreme Neon Car Track 2.6 m - 112 pcs

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This kit gives you the ability to create flexible tracks that allow you to experience breathtaking descents, amazing loops, exciting curves and much more. Whether it's loops, extreme gradients, thrilling spirals or tight curves - with the Smoby Flextreme race track, it will never be boring again. The flexible and modular racing track provides crazy tracks and exciting rides in the children's room.

Once all track construction work is completed, the closed race car will be placed in pole position. The trip on the route is eagerly awaited. Can a small racing car cope with all the tasks?


  • The set consists of 112 colorful elements, from which we can build a racing track up to 2.6 m long.
  • The set includes a racing car with removable body.
  • Tracks with a clip-on system (thanks to which the tracks do not come apart, they hold together, and the whole structure is stable and flexible).
  • At any time you can rebuild the track, create exciting spirals, extreme slopes.
  • Track pieces light up.
  • The car starts with the start/stop switch.
  • Thanks to the special drive, the car cannot tip over and easily cope with driving upside down on loops.
  • Illuminated front and rear headlights provide exciting night driving in a dark room.
  • A car with a size of 10 cm.
  • An LED list is included on which the track is built, thanks to which it lights up along the entire length of the created route and a tunnel with an electrical module.
  • 6 x AAA batteries required (3 pcs for the car, 3 pcs for the tunnel) - test batteries included in the set

Age: from 4 years

Package dimensions 7 x 42 x 32 (cm)

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