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Soother clip ribbon is an interesting and stylish accessory for pacifiers and baby's clothes, which serves primarily a protective role, as it protects the pacifier from being lost and from falling on the ground and getting dirty. It will work well both at home and during walks or travel.


  • Universal - fits both pacifiers with and without a handle.
  • Safety clip - makes it possible to attach the ribbon to the baby's clothes.
  • Protects your baby's soother from falling, getting dirty or lost.
  • It is specially adapted for the safety of the child.
  • The pendant is made of durable ribbon.
  • It has a suitable fastener made in the form of a wooden clip.
  • Easy and fast attachment.
  • It also provides a unique decoration for the baby's clothes.
  • BPA free
  • Product free of Bisphenol A
  • Can be used from the moment of birth

Dimensions: The total length of the tag is 24 cm

Age: 0+ months

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