Happy Bunny Supermarket Playset with 47 pcs - 2 Colours

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Playing store is an inseparable part of every childhood. Almost every toddler dreams of playing the role of a real salesman and customer, at least for a while.


  • A large store with accessories will make a great impression and fulfill children's dreams.
  • A great toy that will take the child into the world of adults and allow him to feel the role of an expeditor, seller and customer.
  • In the set you will find plastic fruits, vegetables, eggs and cardboard boxes imitating packages of cookies, juice, candy or pizza.
  • The highlight of the set is the payment terminal and barcode scanner, which make sounds.
  • Playing store is not only a lot of fun, but also a learning experience.
  • By playing the roles of adults, they gain social competence and learn to play the roles that await them in adult life.
  • It helps to learn proper communication and cooperation, and will develop social skills.
  • The game perfectly stimulates imagination, encourages creative and out-of-the-box thinking, and wonderfully develops manual skills in the youngest children.
  • The toy was made with attention to the smallest element, from high-quality plastic.
  • It delights with its details

The Set includes :

  • Scale
  • Payment terminal
  • Barcode scanner
  • Payment card
  • coins
  • banknotes
  • yogurts
  • milk
  • orange juices
  • sugar
  • coffee
  • cookies
  • candies
  • pistachios
  • 2x peppers
  • 3x eggs
  • baguette
  • banana
  • mango
  • apple
  • carrot
  • corn
  • artichoke
  • croissant
  • set of stickers

Store dimensions: 53cm x 34cm x 79cm
Dimensions of cart: 29cm x 23.5cm x 41cm
Package dimensions: 55cm x 19cm x 46cm

Age: 3 year +

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