NEW! Babyono Breastmilk Storage Bags With Thermal Sensor


If you think that storing and freezing your breastmilk is a matter for long learning, the breastmilk storage bags with a thermal sensor will show you how easy it is. Sterilized in gamma rays, they meet severe hygiene standards such as leak tightness, spilling protection as well as the impenetrability of smells. With those breastmilk storage bags with a thermal sensor you can also easily control the temperature of breastmilk.

Product features:

  • red and blue thermal sensor - shows you when the temperature is perfect for your child
  • stable base - you can keep the bag in a vertical position (anti-leakage feature)
  • leak-tight ziplock - for easier opening and safety
  • measure control  - thanks to which you can measure the milk out precisely
  • a place for making notes about date, hour and quantity of breastmilk
  • capacity - 350ml!
  • 20 pcs in one package!

Thermal sensor instruction:

  • on a bag you can see a temperature detector - two clouds: red (smiling) and blue (sad)
  • if the milk is too cold to have it (the temperature below 36°C), you can see both colours
  • if the milk is of optimal temperature (36°C - 38°C), only the red cloud is visible
  • if the milk is too hot for a child (the temperature over 38°C) - both clouds' colours and face expressions disappear
  • the thermal sensor's detections are only informational - please check the milk's temperature before you give it to a child

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