Babyono Postpartum Belly Band – COMFORT size XXL (121-140 cm) White


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The profiled postnatal abdominal belt is intended for women after a cesarean section (c-section). It is used to strengthen the excessively stretched abdominal wall and to decrease the risk of abdominal hernia. This postpartum girdle helps alleviate the post-surgery incision pain, gives you a feeling of security and comfort; and it also facilitates an early start on exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles. In order to find the right size, please measure your belly circumference and choose the size from the table.
Note: Please consult your doctor before using the product. When using the girdle it is recommended to do some basic rehab exercises. Continuous wearing the girdle without doing any exercises may lead to a weakening of the abdominal muscles.


  • the profiled shape protects the lower part of the abdomen after a cesarean section (low transverse incision)
  • strengthens the overstretched abdominal muscles
  • prevents the development of postoperative abdominal hernia
  • alleviates the post-surgery incision pain, thus giving you the feeling of safety
  • facilitates an early start on exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles


  • Materials: polyester 49%, polyamide 23%, latex 28% 
  • Dimensions: H 24cm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Size guide : 
    • XS – <80 cm
    • S – 80-90 cm
    • M – 91-100 cm
    • L – 101-110 cm
    • XL – 111-120 cm
    • XXL – 121-140 cm

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