Babyono Teat Medium 3m+ 2 pcs

The modern answer to babies' natural needs!

Discover the advantages of the anti-colic nipple from NATURAL NURSING collection:
  • the unique structure of the nipple promotes natural sucking reflex by proper tension distribution,
  • the anti-colic valve ensures proper air circulation during feeding - minimizes air swallowing by the baby,
  • silicone nipple mirrors the shape of mom's breast.
  • 2 pcs in the set


  • high product quality, restrictive observance of norms and EU directives European Union directives make the products of the NATURAL NURSING collection also recommended for newborns,
  • None of the products contains Bisphenol-A - BPA Free.

Soother with the medium flow is recommended for feeding liquids - milk, water, tea, etc.
Babyono teats from the NATURAL NURSING collection are available in the following flow rates:
The type and flow of the bottle teat should be adjusted to the age and individual development of the child, as well as to the density of the food.

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