Bulldozer Excavator RC Huina Toys 1520 6CH 2.4 GHz 1:18


Bulldozer Excavator RC Huina Toys 1520 6CH 2.4 GHz 1:18

Remote-controlled bulldozer with a metal scoop.
The excavator is equipped with an earth bulldozer which can be dismantled. Thanks to large-diameter wheels, the equipment can cope even in difficult conditions. Made of elastic rubber for adhesion to slippery surfaces.

The remote control allows you to control the movements of the excavator. The small operator can move the machine forwards and backwards and turn right or left. The excavator body can only be rotated manually.
The scoop moves with the remote control like a real excavator. In addition, the toy makes a sound and shines with these movements. The toddler can practise picking up, taking in and pouring out sand and small pebbles.

Set includes: 

  • Bulldozer RC Huina Toys 1520
  • Controller
  • Battery 4,8V 400mAh Ni-Cd
  • USB charger
  • Instructions for use on the packaging


  • 15 cm x 35 cm x 15 cm

Product features:

  • LED lighting effects
  • Remote control range approx. 40 m
  • 6 control channels
  • Suggested age: + 8 years
  • Frequency: 2,4Ghz

Remote-controlled vehicles have a positive influence on the development of such skills as driving, concentration, quick thinking, agility and cleverness. RC toys are a great way to play together with other children - siblings or peers. It also affects the interpersonal development of the little one who shares his toy with others

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