Chicco NaturalFeeding Glass Bottle 0m+ - 250ml

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Feeding bottles NaturalFeeling Vetro glass version.


  • Premium version bottle made of Vetro glass
  • Does not absorb odours or change colour
  • Transparent, hygienic and resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • Dishwasher safe and sterilizable
  • Easy to switch from breastfeeding to bottle and vice versa.
  • The soothers adapt to the stage of development of the oral cavity and follow the physiological development of baby sucking 
  • Wide teat base and curved tip
  • The shape of the soother supports the correct position of the baby during feeding
  • The tip of each soother is covered with a velvet "Mum effect" finish
  • The ergonomic shape of the bottle with its narrowing in the middle makes it easy to hold comfortably while breastfeeding
  • The bottles are sterilizable, BPA-free, clinically tested 

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