NEW! Chicco NaturalFeeding Glass Bottle 0m+ - 250ml

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Feeding bottles NaturalFeeling Vetro glass version

The cult Chicco NaturalFeeling bottles are expanded with a premium version made of Vetro glass, which does not absorb odours or change colour. The bottle is completely transparent, hygienic and resistant to temperature fluctuations, dishwasher safe and sterilizable.
The line of glass bottles for feeding NaturalFeeling follows the natural evolution of the way a baby sucks, moving, with the help of replacement nipples, from simple squeezing in the first 4 months of life to proper, intensive sucking after the sixth month.
  • It is designed to ensure that breastfeeding is as natural as possible when breastfeeding is not possible or limited. Bottles are ideal for alternating feeding, which means that it is easy to switch from breastfeeding to bottle and vice versa.
  • For all bottle variants of the NaturalFeeling line, anti-colic, evolutionary teats of different shape and structure have been designed, inspired by the construction of the female breast, so that the breastfeeding process is as close as possible to natural.
  • The soothers adapt to the stage of development of the oral cavity and follow the physiological development of baby sucking at a given moment in his life. In the line, there are 5 soothers of different shapes and flows, adapted to the way the baby suckles and age.
  • Chicco's NaturalFeeling line of glass bottles is available in two volumes of 150 and 250 ml, equipped with a set of soothers with normal flow, which can be replaced as required.
  • The line of glass bottles is designed for the youngest babies and is available in two volumes of 150 and 250 ml, equipped with a set with a unique, diagonal, normal flow teat, designed for newborns.
  • Its characteristic structure resembles a female breast, with a wide teat base and curved tip. This structure is ideal for babies perfecting the sucking process when the wide base fills the baby's mouth, keeping the way and speed of sucking close to natural.
  • In addition, the shape of the soother supports the correct position of the baby during feeding and remains always filled with milk, which reduces swallowing of air and prevents the formation of circles.
  • To ensure that the feeding process is as natural as possible, the tip of each soother is covered with a velvet "Mum effect" finish at the point of attachment to the baby's mouth.
  • The ergonomic shape of the bottle with its narrowing in the middle makes it easy to hold comfortably while breastfeeding. Wide bottle thread makes it easy to dose food.
  • The bottles are sterilizable, BPA-free, clinically tested and manufactured in Italy.

* All NaturalFeeling bottles have been clinically tested and 9 out of 10 children accept them immediately after administration.

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