Chicco NaturalFeeling Blue Bottle - 2 Sizes

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NaturalFeeling, nature-inspired bottles, perfect for alternate feeding
NaturalFeeling is a line of anti-colic bottles that allows you to feed your baby naturally thanks to different nipples with a special shape that adapts to the way baby sucks at different stages of development. A baby's sucking and feeding patterns change from birth through the months of life. Following these changes, the nipples in NaturalFeeling bottles also evolve. Designed for alternate feeding, it eases the transition between breast and bottle.

Product Features:


  • 95% of moms confirm easy transition from breast to bottle and back (alternate feeding)*.


  • The elongated shape of the teat is adapted to the characteristic way in which a baby sucks at this age. The nipples that fit the NaturalFeeling bottle are shaped in such a way as to support proper sucking of the baby. Plus, the mum effect nipple's pleasantly velvety finish means they're instantly accepted by almost all babies*.


  • 2 anti-colic valves prevent the swallowing of air and, as a result, prevent colic.
  • The translucent NaturalFeeling 0m+ bottle in neutral shades, with adorable subtle decorations, with a slow flow teat is ideal for newborns.
  • All NaturalFeeling bottles have been clinically tested. They are made of BPA-free material.
  • *Consumer test conducted on a group of 100 women with children aged 0-6 months; Italy 2016.

Age: 0m+ or 2m+

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