Chicco Physio Soft Rubber Soother 16-36m 1 pcs

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CHICCO PHYSIO SOFT in rubber version is a completely soft, orthodontic soother, designed to support the proper development of the child's oral cavity from its birth.
It was developed in cooperation with the Scientific Committee of the Italian Society of Orthodontics (SIDO).


  • The PHYSIO SOFT soother stimulates the functional and anatomical development of the child's palate, tongue and dentition
  • Supports and encourages the natural sucking reflex
  • The base of the soother is thin and soft, for proper mouth closure, which prevents dental problems.
  • The delicate and wide soother disc resembles the mother's breast
  • The indentation on the head of the soother is shaped upwards in the same way as the tongue, which ensures its natural position
  • The ring at the narrow end of the soother massages the gums and brings relief during the delicate teething phase
  • Holes in the disc that provide airflow and prevent saliva stagnation
  • Soother is made entirely of very soft, highest quality, odourless rubber for maximum comfort of the baby
  • 16-36m+
  • 1 pcs

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