Classic World Wooden Pyramid Activity Box 4w1

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The Wooden Pyramid Activity Box from the renowned Classic World brand is the perfect toy for expanding your child's motor skills. Designed in a creative tetrahedral design, the discovery box can be moved in any direction thanks to the mounted wheels on the corners. With its beautiful colors, your child won't be able to tear himself away from this educational game!

  • from 2 years old,
  • toy made of high quality wood,
  • product painted with non-toxic paints and safe for children,
  • the toy has four different games
The toy has 4 different games:
  • Space Exploration - This side has 3 gears, and each gear helps exercise your child's finger dexterity. When the gears start running, the bright "Sun" appears, rises and falls, and then goes through the "Moon" and "Star" with its bright glow.
  • Music side - This side features a yellow button that can make a squeaking sound, a xylophone, a bell, and a scarper that can provoke your child's auditory sensitivity. The toddler can also use the batons to create rhythms. In addition, there is a small ball-shaped pendant on the left side of the bell. When the pendant falls, it will hit the bell and make a unique sound.
  • Geometry side - kids can never be too tired of playing the shape sorting game! There are three holes of different shapes on the surface, each hole fits into one block. Place these blocks in the correct hole! It will improve your child's problem solving skills!
  • Self Perception Page - This page helps children learn more about themselves. Rotate the rotating plate to show different faces on the left side, young children can imitate the complexion as they wish. The mirror will show your child's face so they can recognize themselves well.
The toy develops:
  • manual skills,
  • logical thinking,
  • imagination,
  • creativity.
Eco-friendly toys are made from 100% natural, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic materials, making them 100% safe and harmless not only to the environment, but to your kids as well.

Classic World toys introduce children to a new dimension of fantastic fun! Classic World is an eco-friendly wooden toy that is not only designed to have fun, but also to develop the creativity of little ones, develop emotional sensitivity, and teach them how to make friends. Classic World musical toys deserve a special mention - they allow the youngest children to develop their musical sensitivity.

Age: from 2 years
Product dimensions: 33 × 35 × 29 (cm)

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