Classic World Wooden Stacking Tower With Rings

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The stacking tower with a teddy bear is a great toy, which in its simplicity is brilliant because it will allow the child to develop some very important skills. It is a pyramid consisting of a rocking stand with a peg, 4 colourful rings, which should be arranged from the largest to the smallest, and a teddy bear head, which is the culmination of the construction.

  • A wooden toy which represents a smiling bear. It is a brilliant stacker pyramid, which simultaneously performs several functions very important for children aged about 12 months.
  • The toy has 6 elements: a rocking stand, 4 colourful rims of different sizes and a head that should be placed on top of the pyramid.
  • The toy provides a lot of fun but at the same time has important functions. The pyramid arrangement develops the ability to think logically because the toddler has to place the rims in the right order - from the biggest one at the very bottom to the smallest one at the very top and then put on the pyramid's end, i.e. the head of the teddy bear.
  • The tower is swinging during laying, so the task is difficult. Thanks to this, the toddler exercises eye and movement coordination - he has to put the rims on the moving peg, which may not be so easy.
  • The toy is made of varnished wood and painted with non-toxic paints. It is safe for children.
The toy develops:
  • perceptiveness,
  • eyesight,
  • concentration,
  • manual skills,
  • ability to distinguish between colours.
Eco toys are aimed at the youngest children, which are made of completely natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials, thanks to which they are 100% safe and harmless not only for the environment itself but also for your child.

Classic World is a recognised toy manufacturer. The company sets the bar for other manufacturers, above all with high-quality workmanship. We know that children deserve only the best toys. Classic World ensures this through a rigorous quality and production control process. The company supports international quality standards.

Age: 12 months and older
Product dimensions: 8.5x8.5x13 cm
Package dimensions: 11x11x17.5 cm

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