Classic World Wooden Tree Doll House - 31 pcs

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The Tree House from CLASSIC WORLD brand will provide your child with endless fun! The unique dollhouse will stimulate your child's imagination. The house is fully functional. The boy doll can pull the bucket with the help of a block, the girl can play with the puppy. A squirrel can eat a pinecone. The dolls can swing on the swings, and climb the ladder to the tree house. The set includes 2 child figures, 2 animals and wonderful accessories, including a balance swing, tire swing, bucket, treasure chest, bed, table and chairs. The set is made of natural wood. The unique house will encourage the child to create stories and adventures of little dolls.

  • toy from 3 years old
  • contains 31 pcs
  • fully functional such as movable bucket and swings
  • Set includes: tree house, 2 children figurines, 2 animals, 
  • Accessories: balance swing, tire swing, bucket, treasure chest, bed, table, chairs
The toy develops:
  • the ability to express emotions
  • communication skills,
  • imagination,
  • social skills,
  • creativity

Eco toys are aimed at the youngest children, which are made of completely natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials, thanks to which they are 100% safe and harmless not only to the environment itself but also to your child.

Classic World is a recognised toy manufacturer. The company sets the bar for other manufacturers, above all with high-quality workmanship. We know that children deserve only the best toys. Classic World ensures this through a rigorous quality and production control process. The company supports international quality standards.

Age: 3 and older
Product dimensions: 40 x 35 x 50 (cm) Package dimensions 28 x 11 x 36 (cm)

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