Compact 3 in 1 Children's Bedroom Furniture Set

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Compact Children's Bedroom Furniture Set


  • safe, ecological and stylish pieces of furniture for kids
  • ready solutions for the child's room and particular parts of furniture together form a masterpiece
  • each product is highly functional, has a modern look and can be used in multiple ways
  • each set of furniture pieces can be combined according to one’s wish

How to fit several pieces of children's bedroom furniture into the confined space of a baby's room? We have a solution for this! Use our anti-allergic, ecological and functional compact furniture set which includes a cot and a chest of drawers with a top space design for putting there for the first months a changing station, that can be later converted into a toddler's bed and separate chest of drawers for you kids clothes or toys. This children's bedroom furniture can serve for years and not just for one child.

The compact furniture set includes:

A cot with a chest of drawers

  • dimensions: 176 x 95 x 87 cm
  • furniture board+ MDF+ pine wood
  • colour: white
  • two levels of cot bottom's height
  • detachable spokes
  • can serve as a divan bed
  • a capacious drawer with cullises
  • the drawer can be set so as to slide in the opposite direction
  • a functional chest of drawers
  • top of the chest of drawers can be used as a changing station - design to fit a soft or hard base mat

A toddler's bed

  • dimensions:  175 x 87 cm
  • material: furniture board
  • colour: white

A chest of drawers

  • dimensions:  68 x 87 x 52 cm
  • material: furniture board
  • colour: white 

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