Dalia Cot Bed 140x70 + Drawer


Dalia cot bed with a bedding drawer

LittleSky is a unique product line. This line of products is the fruit of passion and desire to acquire knowledge and constant development in creating furniture for children. The company's products have all the necessary safety certificates valid in the European Union, issued on the basis of in-depth strength and material tests. Unceasing technological development, improvement of the manufacturing process and size production allow us to offer you stylish furniture at a reasonable price. Attention to detail and following trends led to the creation of a collection of children's furniture, which combines interesting design and functionality. Each product is unique and highly practical. The furniture is an example of how even children’s furniture can look modern and be used for multiple purposes in various rooms. LittleSky collection, apart from being thoroughly tested, was created in accordance with the outline of children’s development, taking into consideration the characteristics of the youngest and their needs.

Make a place in which your child will spend the most time in the first months of life safe and comfortable and do not worry about later times with our cot convertible into a toddler bed available now in our online shop in Ireland. Having such a 140x70 bed with a sofa function, we guarantee that it will be used by a child up to the age of 6. First, you will use it for a newborn, and then, after disassembling the sides of the cot, you will be able to make a comfortable toddler bed available on the Irish market.

The cot fits the Dalia furniture set and is also equipped with a spacious drawer for bedding, thanks to which you will be able to organize the space in a simple and quick way.


* inside: 140x70 cm

* outside: 144x76x85cm

Material: pinewood + eco board

Colour: white-grey


  • 3 levels of bottom's height
  • detachable spokes
  • a drawer
  • a coach function


  • anti-allergic materials used
  • safe for children
  • ecological paints used

* 3 detachable spokes

* 3 levels of height

I - when your child only lies (the upper level)

II - when your child can sit (the medium level)

III- when your child can stand (the low level)

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