Dr. Brown's Narrow-Neck Anti-colic Options+ Bottle Easy Start Bundle 7 pcs Pink Version

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A set of Dr. Brown's Narrow-Neck bottle bestsellers.


  • 1 x 120 ml Dr. Brown's Narrow-Neck Plastic Bottle 
  • 2 x 250 ml Dr. Brown'sNarrow-Neck Plastic Bottle
  • 1 x Level 2 Dr. Brown's Narrow-Neck Bottle Teats 2 Pack
  • 1 x Level 3 Dr. Brown'sNarrow-Neck Bottle Teats 2 Pack
  • 1 x Dr. Brown's Narrow-Neck Anti-colic Options+ Storage/ Travel Cups 3 Pack
  • 1 x Dr. Brown's Narrow Sippy Straw Bottle with 100% Silicone Handles, 8oz/250ml 6m+ Mint Colour

Dr. Brown's Narrow Sippy Straw Bottle with 100% Silicone Handles has a soft silicone straw that is weighted so the baby can tilt and sip while learning upright straw skills. Soft yet sturdy silicone handles make gripping easy and help teach baby new motor skills. Unlike other straw sippy cups, the Sippy Straw Bottle features a sliding cap that keeps messes contained when closed and offers spill-proof travel. It’s not just a sippy cup with handles – both the sippy straw cap and silicone handles fit all Dr. Brown’s Options+ 8oz/250mL baby bottles and sippy spout bottles, meaning you can teach baby many new sipping skills with the same bottle!


  • 6m+
  • soft silicone straw with a weight
  • silicone handles make gripping easy and help teach babies new motor skills
  • amazing transition bottle from dr brown's narrow options+ bottles
  • spill-proof travel
  • the sippy cup with straw is dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe
  • BPA free

Remove the teat, collar, and internal vent system, and screw on the cap – and you’re done! Seal the bottle when you’re finished pumping, when transporting, and even when warming the bottle. If you’re traveling by air, it’s the perfect companion, preventing the effects of a pressurized cabin on Dr. Brown’s vacuum-free bottle. 


  • An amazing companion while traveling 
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher (top rack only) and safe for use in the electric sterilizer, microwave sterilizer, or boiling water
  • Narrow Shape
  • 3 Pack

Set includes:

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