Dr. Brown's Options+ Wide-Neck Bottle Starter Set - 2 Sizes


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Have a choice and feed your baby as you wish with the newest Dr. Brown's Options+ bottles equipped with a patented venting system that can be used or not. Such bottles are also a perfect choice for use as a bottle gift set including 3 anti-colic bottles and 7 nipples designed in the shape of a real mommy's nipples.

The features of the bottles sets:

1. OPTIONS+ Bottle Teat:

  • bottle teat in the shape of real nipples
  • milk flow as smooth as during breastfeeding
  • easy exchange from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding - thanks to the venting system of a new nipple

2. The best wide-neck bottle:

  • a patented inside venting system Natural Flow - eliminates a vacuum and air bubbles present in the majority of baby bottles; with this system, the air is entered through the bottle's flange which makes it impossible for it to enter to the milk
  • after that, the air is directed through the inside venting system to a place above the milk's surface
  • thanks to this system, babies do not have to force the vacuum pressure and do not swallow air bubbles which not only helps them to eat but also to keep the proper levels of vitamins C, A, E and lipids in their organism which, in turn, helps to avoid colic, eructation problems
  • the milk flows uninterrupted through the nipple and the air is directed to the upper part of the bottle which prevents suction and infections caused by the flowing of the milk to the baby's ears.

The Medium Set Includes:

  • 2x anti-colic wide-neck bottle Options+ 270ml
  • 1x anti-colic wide-neck bottle Options+ 150ml
  • silicone nipple - 0m+ level 1, 3m+ level 2, 6m+ level 3

The Large Set Includes:

  • 3x anti-colic wide-neck bottle Options+ 270ml
  • 2x anti-colic wide-neck bottle Options+ 150ml
  • 2x silicone nipple - level 2
  • 2x storage cups
  • brush for cleaning the venting system

    All of Dr. Brown's products do not include BPA.

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