Happy Bunny Educational Wooden Walker Push Toy 6in1

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A walker that will help your toddler take his first steps. It will also prove useful at a later age as a cart for favourite toys and a first abacus.


  • Walking with the push toy helps your toddler keep balance while learning to walk.
  • It supports manual skills development and develops motor skills of the whole body.
  • stable support for a child who is learning to walk. 
  • Wooden wheels are protected by a layer of non-slip rubber.
  • Aesthetic design, vivid colours
  • eco-friendly design

It's not just a walker! The creators have made sure that it provides toddlers with entertainment in many ways. On the front of the pushchair there is a manipulative board full of elements that will delight children:

  • a clock with moving hands
  • gears
  • jigsaw puzzle with 3 pictures
  • "phone" with buttons (it can be removed from the board)
  • xylophone with a baton
  • 3 colourful, movable dice - "abacus"

All elements, except for the xylophone are wooden.

The base of the walker is also a crate into which the blocks from the sorter fall. 

Walker to be assembled by yourself.
Dimensions after folding: 51cm x 32.5cm x 31cm
Package dimensions: 54cm x 10cm x 33cm

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