Milly Mally Dolls Stroller For Toddlers

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Are your toddler's dolls tired of being carried during walks?

Or are you tired of carrying them?

Now you can rest because of this dolls stroller for toddlers Kate designed by Milly Mally and made from the highest quality materials. Its functions and look resemble those of an original baby stroller.

The dolls stroller is equipped with a foldable booth, a tray, seatbelts, torsion wheels and a basket for keeping dolls accessories such as bottles, clothes and diapers.

Product features:

  • the stroller's length: up to 50cm
  • a metal chassis
  • torsion front wheels
  • a detachable tray
  • seatbelts
  • foamed wheels
  • a foamed handle
  • a foldable booth
  • protection against self-folding
  • a basket for shopping
  • the stroller can be completely assembled
  • the sheathing made from polyester - can be washed

Age: 3+

Weight: 1900 g



height - 53,5 cm

width- 33 cm

length- 52 cm

height - up to the handle - 53,5 cm


The package's dimensions:

30 x 16 x 49 cm

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