Kindii Pure Cotton Baby Pads 60 pcs - 5 pack

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From the very first day of life, a baby's skin requires special care and targeted care, which is fundamental for the baby's health and comfort. With these unique needs in mind, the Kindii brand was created.


  • Pure cotton baby and children's cotton pads.
  • Soft, with gentle edges and no lint left behind
  • Large, convenient pad format allows you to care for your baby in the way you choose: in combination with water, olive oil, cream, lotion or baby powder
  • The pads are recommended for your baby's daily care: for washing and drying the face and body, skin folds, armpits or underarms
  • The soft cotton baby pads allow for convenient care with water, olive oil, cream or baby powder. Recommended for daily washing and drying of the baby's face and body, skin folds and armpits.
  • Included 5 packs of 60 pcs cotton pads

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