L.O.L. Surprise Car Pool Coupe 3in1


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LOL Carpool Coupe 3in1 Car, Swimming pool, the Dance floor is a unique vehicle for LOL Surprise and OMG dolls! This extraordinary convertible will not only impress you with its appearance and its girlish, shotgun colours but also with features that will guarantee great fun! The car body has been painted with gold and light pink paint, which undoubtedly adds style. The rear of the car can be pulled apart to create a pool and dance floor. The ultraviolet lights on the Lights series of dolls will allow you to discover the surprises hidden in the wardrobe parts among others.

Fun features and content:
  • Chic and stylish convertible for LOL Surprise and OMG dolls
  • Hidden pool and dance floor - emerges when the rear of the vehicle is extended
  • 1 exclusive L.O.L. SURPRISE doll
  • The vehicle's lights on a Lights series doll reveal ultraviolet surprises
  • The pool is suitable for L.O.L. SURPRISE and O.M.G. dolls.
  • The interior of the pool can be removed and easily drained from the water
  • The seats match the L.O.L. SURPRISE and O.M.G. dolls.
  • The car has folding mirrors, ultraviolet lights, belts, keys and other accessories
Age: 3 years
Product dimensions: 13 x 41 x 31 (cm)
Packaging dimensions: 31 x 56 x 14 (cm)

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