Leon Cot bed 120x60


Klups Furniture is a family company present on the market for over 40 years, created as a fruit of passion and desire to acquire knowledge. Thanks to its profound experience, the knowledge passed from one generation to another as well as enormous enthusiasm, the company produces the safest, the most ecological and stylish pieces of furniture for kids which receive acclaim in the whole Europe.

Our offer includes ready solutions for storing the child's room and particular parts of furniture together form a masterpiece. Each product is highly functional, has a modern look and can be used in multiple ways. Each set of furniture pieces can be combined according to one’s wish.

In the production course, there are used differentiated materials which are always non-toxic and good for children. The furniture is also designed so as to meet the needs of the youngest, suit their development stages and be as practical as they can be. In our offer, we focus on modern styles and follow the newest trends. Above all, we value the kids' safety the most, so the materials used meet the strictest safety norms, are of the highest quality and always eco-friendly.

Leon Cot bed 120x60 convertible into a toddler bed

Is it possible for a cot bed to be used up to the age of 6? With our Leon cot bed convertible into a toddler bed, you can make your baby comfortable for the first months and after disassembling the sides of the cot, you will be able to make a comfortable toddler bed available now online in Ireland. The cot is also equipped with a guardrail to make your toddler as comfortable as they can be.

Product features:

* Dimensions:

inside: 120 x 60 cm

outside: 128 x 63 x 91 cm

* colour: white

* pine wood + painted MDF

* a toddler bed function

* 3 levels of bottom's height -

270mm, 425mm, 575mm

* detachable spokes

* protective covers on a top board

* lacquered with eco paints

* made from anti-allergic materials

* ecological, health-friendly

* serve for more than one child

This product is being shipped individually and for free!

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