Ludo Wooden Game

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Traditional Ludo game in a modern version.

The wooden board with a blackbird in the middle hidden under the plastic dome will be a great way to spend free time with your family.

The game comes with 16 pawns in 4 colours. Each player gets 4 pawns of one colour.

Game rules:
  • The game is designed for up to 4 people.
  • Each player draws a colour of pawns, which will belong to him.
  • Then each player throws dice, according to a predetermined order. The dice are placed in the middle of the board under a plastic dome, to "throw the dice" just press the dome. The number of dots on the dice corresponds to the number of squares to be crossed by a pawn.
  • The first one to reach the finish line wins.
Become the champion and beat all your rivals.

An addictive and exciting game for everyone regardless of age. It is sure to provide lots of unforgettable experiences.

On the other side, there is another board.

A perfect way to spend free time with the whole family or friends.

The game, apart from being great fun, has an educational value that is valuable in the proper psychophysical development of a child.

During the game, logical thinking will develop and manual skills will be developed by grasping and moving pawns around the board.

Competition and playing together with others will teach the child how to win and lose and will teach proper communication.

Additionally, counting the numbers on the dice and then on the board will be an excellent supplement to learning mathematics.

Vivid, saturated colours will attract attention and encourage to play.

Aesthetic execution will surely appeal to children and adults alike.

A perfect idea for an original gift.

Contents of the set:
  • Double-sided game board with dice in the middle
  • 16 pawns in 4 colours
  • board: 30cm x 30cm x 0,9cm
  • Pawns: 2cm x 2cm
  • Package dimensions: 30.5cm x 31.5cm x 4.5cm

Age: 3+

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