MEDELA Harmony Flex Manual Breastpump

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The Harmony Flex™ manual breast pump is designed for moms who are exclusively breastfeeding. It is perfect for travel or as a replacement for an electric breast pump.

The Harmony Flex™ handheld breast pump is a breast pump that uses a 2-phase rhythm of pumping (the induction phase - fast and shallow suction and the effective phase - slow and deep suction).

Research-based 2-Phase Expression Technology

Now with Flex™ Technology: Moms can express 11% more milk by better fitting the funnel to the breast.

Elegantly designed with a Medela-branded ergonomic handle.

Harmony™ is lightweight, easy to carry and ideal for discreet pumping on the go.

It consists of only six parts, making it easy to clean and assemble.

Package includes:
  • Harmony™ breast pump
  • 1x PersonalFit Flex 24mm funnel
  • 1x 150 ml bottle with cap
  • 1x bottle stand
  • Instructions for use

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