Mom's Care Puzzle Animals Sensory Book

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Mom's care multi-sensory book with puzzles is designed for babies 8 months and older. It is at this time of life of the child already perfectly recognizes colours, touches and grasps objects. For the sensory book, we used safe, pleasant to the touch cotton in unique colours, in the form of a puzzle. The attachment to the book allows to hang it on the crib. This way it will always be at hand, ready to use and play.

The booklet is designed for toddlers, it is a puzzle set of colourful animals. Tiger, fox, teddy bear, rabbit, elephant, raccoon, deer and lion will make even the biggest grouch laugh. Just the sight of them will make all the crying and worries turn into a fiery smile in no time. The form of simple puzzles teaches concentration, recognition of colours and shapes. It is the first stage of logical thinking. But that is not all. Add to that the possibility of creating your own, unique and unrepeatable characters. Why so unique? Well.... has anyone ever seen a tiger with the eyes of a bear, or a fox with the ears of a rabbit? With this booklet everything is possible, and the only limit is your imagination.

The sensory booklet will help you with:
sensory integration
stimulating your child's senses
developing fine motor skills
teaching concentration and logical thinking
giving your child great fun for a long time

Each product is CE marked.
Size: 30x15 cm
Age group: for children +8 months
Material: cotton

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