My First Car Wooden Push Toy

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A walker that will help your toddler take his first steps. It will also prove useful at a later age as a cart for favourite toys and a first abacus.

Walking with the pushchair helps your toddler keep balance while learning to walk. It supports manual skills development and develops motor skills of the whole body. The walker will encourage your child to be physically active.

Our walker is stable support for a child who is learning to walk. The baby won't fall over. It's a safer option than leaning and climbing on furniture when taking their first steps.

The walker is made of MDF, which has been carefully sanded to prevent splinters. Then it was covered with a planet-friendly and safe for toddlers paint.

This pushchair will appeal to parents who are looking for eco-friendly accessories for their little ones. Wooden toys are a great choice!

In addition to the function of the pusher/walker, the toy is equipped with elements that stimulate the sense of touch and develop sensory integration of the toddler:
  • 3 rows of colourful abacus beads
  • cogwheels on the side of the car
  • movable letters on the other side
  • "clock" with movable hands

Dimensions after folding: 35cm x 30cm x 53cm
Package dimensions: 31,5cm x 7,7cm x 50cm

Weight: 3,2kg

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