Akuku 360° Cup With a Straw - 2 Colours

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AKUKU 360° Drinking bottle with a straw and weight.

AKUKU 360° Drinking bottle with a silicone straw ending in weight allows drinking from any angle. Made of modern material - TRITAN, completely free of bisphenol A (0% BPA). This technology makes the bottle not scratch and does not discolour. It is very resistant to damage and looks like glass. The child drinks to the last drop. Your toddler can drink by tilting the cup upside down. Irreplaceable at home and on the go. A tight seal prevents spillage and protects the straw from soiling. Comfortable opening by pressing a button. Transparency and clear graduation allow you to control the amount of liquid. The cup is dishwasher safe on the top shelf (but without a straw). 

*Tritan does not change the taste of the drinks stored in it. It does not emit any odour, does not release any harmful substances into the food. By choosing the containers which are made of it we can be sure that they are safe in use and that the products are stored in high quality. Drinks and food stored in it keep fresh for a long time and are protected against negative environmental impact, including UV radiation. What's more, Tritan does not absorb odours and flavours, which makes the use of its containers much more pleasant and hygienic.

Capacity 250 ml

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