NEW! Chicco NaturalFeeding Bottle Gift Set 0m+ - Blue

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The Chicco Feeding Gift Set with Physio Micro teat contains the brand's cult products, collected with the aim of preparing the best possible way to welcome the newborn.

The set includes 2 bottles from the NaturalFeeling line, 150 and 250 ml 0m+, which follow the natural way of sucking the baby and facilitate alternate feeding, and a new orthodontic Physio Micro soother - ideal for newborns and children with low birth weight in size 0-2m supporting proper oral development.

The sets are available in two colour lines: pink and blue and have unique decors available only in the gift set which can very.

Chicco's NaturalFeeling bottle line is the only bottle line for feeding that follows natural development during the first 4 months of life.

  • The bottle line was created to ensure that breastfeeding is as natural as possible when breastfeeding is not possible or limited. The construction of the bottle nipple and the special velvet finish of the "Mum Effect" silicone make it easier for the baby to properly and naturally position his or her body and neck during breastfeeding.
  • The bottles are also ideal for alternating feeding, which means it is easy to switch from breastfeeding to bottle and vice versa.
  • The innovative diagonal soother, attached to 150 and 250 ml bottles, has been specially developed for newborns and babies up to 4 months old.
  • Inspired by the construction of the female breast, the shape of the nipple enables the child to be perfectly adapted during feeding and almost immediately accepted (9 out of 10 children accept after the first administration).
  • In addition, the wide base of the soother makes the way and rate of sucking the baby is close to natural, so that it can easily be adapted for natural breastfeeding again.
  • The angled tip of the soother ensures that as soon as the bottle is tilted, it is filled with milk to prevent air swallowing and thus the risk of colic, also promoting a proper neck position during feeding. An angled soother, recommended for children up to 4 months, occurs in 2 normal and medium flows.
  • A straight soother is ideal for older children, recommended from 4 months of age when the suction process is shallower and the base of the soother can be narrower. The simple soother is available in 3 rapid, 3-flow and suitable for feeding porridge.
  • To make the feeding process as natural as possible, the tip of each soother is covered with a velvet "Mum effect" finish at the point of attachment to the baby's mouth.

Natural Feeling bottles are available in 3 capacities: 150, 250 or 330 ml. The ergonomic shape of the bottle with a narrowing in the middle facilitates comfortable holding during feeding. Wide bottle thread makes dosing easier. The bottles are sterilizable, do not contain BPA, have been clinically tested and manufactured in Italy.

* All NaturalFeeling bottles have been clinically tested and 9 out of 10 children accept them immediately after administration.

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