NEW! Chicco PhysioForma Air Soothers 2 pack for Boys - 6-16m+

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Chicco Physio Air silicone soother is suitable for children from the first days of life.

It comes in three different sizes to suit your child's mouth size.

  • It is an orthodontic soother designed to protect the child's sensitive and delicate skin and it is comfortable for the child to use.
  • Numerous vents ensure airflow and help remove excess saliva, which is a source of irritation.
  • Its ergonomic, rounded shape fits perfectly in your baby's mouth and provides adequate space for the chin and nose.
  • This space does not impede the natural movements of the mouth while sucking.
  • It has a safety ring. It provides maximum ventilation and freshness.
  • The base of the soother is thin and soft, for proper mouth closure prevents dental problems.
  • The upper part of the soother is profiled upwards, exactly as the tongue is laid out, and enables the correct distribution of side pressure on the palate.
  • A ring placed on the narrow end of the soother massages the gums and brings relief during the delicate teething phase (in soothers for children from 4 months of age).
  • The cavity allows for proper pressure on the palate, helping it to develop properly. The fold, i.e. the small corrugations on the tip of the soother allow the tongue to be positioned properly and pushed forward with the right force during sucking and swallowing.

Available in a mixed range of 3 designs, in 2 colours blue and green, double packed.

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