Chicco Silicone Diagonal Bottle Teat - Medium 2m+

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The concept of the NaturalFeeling bottle line is based on 3 types of replacement soothers, whose construction is adapted to the current stage of development of the oral cavity and the changing way of sucking the baby, from simple so-called squeezing to proper, intensive sucking.

NaturalFeeling bottle teats are built to best adapt to these changes, ensuring maximum comfort for the baby and the comfort of mum or dad while feeding.

The 3 basic shapes of the silicone teats are adapted to the changing sucking behaviour of the baby and are available in several normal, medium, fast, three-flow and suitable for feeding porridge. All types of teats can be used with bottles of any capacity.
Natural Feeling teats for bottles:

  •  diagonally rounded (0-2m), adapted to a wide attachment, helping to maintain the correct position of the baby's neck and remaining filled with milk to prevent swallowing air
  • straight, rounded (4-6m) still fits in a wide attachment, but with greater mobility during feeding
  • straight extended (6+) rounded base and the right length facilitate a narrow attachment and support suction movements.
  • each of the 5 types of teats has 2 anti-spike valves to reduce the risk of colic formation, helping your baby to eat calmly,
  • benders to ensure the teat is elongated and flexible
  • internal vertical grooves to prevent the soother from squeezing completely.

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