NUK Breast Shells

Breastfeeding is the best thing a mother can do for her baby. However, even the most natural thing can cause problems. The NUK Breast Shells Kit helps to solve problems that frequently occur for breastfeeding mothers.

The ventilated shells speed up the healing of sore nipples and protect them from rubbing against clothing. The anatomically shaped shells are optimally adapted to the shape of the breasts and have holes in them to ensure air circulation to the skin. The soft silicone inserts are also pleasant to the skin. Thanks to the breast shells for collecting breast milk, not a single drop of precious milk goes to waste during feeding or pumping. The shells have an anatomical shape, silicone inserts and a spout for expressing milk.

2 breast shells for milk collection:
  • are used to collect milk that flows from the breast during feeding or the use of a breast pump or between feedings
  • anatomically shaped protective shells
  • with pouring spout
  • 2 vented breast shells to protect irritated nipples:
  • accelerate the healing of sore nipples
  • Protects nipples from rubbing against clothing
  • Anatomically shaped protective shells
  • with holes for easy air circulation
  • 2 silicone inserts: fit both types of lactation shells
  • made of soft silicone for more comfort
  • protect the area around the nipple against chafing
Peaceful breastfeeding in every situation.

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