NUK Nail Clipper For Babies

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The NUK Nail Clipper for babies - easy and gentle nail care

A baby's nails grow very quickly during the first few months, so they need to be trimmed regularly for the baby's safety. At first, they are short, soft and often difficult to distinguish from the body. Only after about 4-6 weeks are they hard enough to cut. With the NUK Nail Clipper for babies, parents can easily learn how to cut their child's nails. The special design of the NUK Nail Clipper and its finger grip ensures a secure hold and, thanks to its rounded edges, it cuts gently and precisely.

Tips for trimming nails!
It's best to cut your baby's nails when his hand is open. To do this, hold your baby's fingers with your thumb. The NUK Baby Nail Clipper, which has a comfortable finger grip, provides greater safety. The stable hold gives parents more control when using the clipper. The non-slip surface of the clipper's lever further prevents the clipper from slipping out of your hand during clipping. In addition, midwives recommend clipping babies' nails while they are sleeping to prevent the baby from wriggling. The nails are particularly soft and easy to trim after bathing. The NUK Nail Clipper is made of stainless steel, so it won't harm him even if he falls into the water.


  • special finger grip
  • stainless steel
  • non-slip surface
  • rounded edges 

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