Philips Avent Natural Bottle Flamingo - 260 ml

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Even if you decide to feed your baby with a bottle, there are ways in which you can make it as natural as it can be. Use the Avent natural bottle Ireland with a wide nipple that resembles a natural nipple to provide your baby with an exceptionally soft and elastic surface creating lots of comfort. With this Avent natural bottle available online in Ireland, your baby will not only suck properly but also avoid colic and discomfort and you will be pleased with the easiness of its cleaning.

Product features:
  • a nipple which resembles a mother's nipple
  • an ultra-soft nipple imitating a natural nipple
  • elastic spiral construction with a comfortable pillow
  • an anti-colic system
  • an ergonomic shape - the bottle can be easily gripped and handled in every direction which makes it easier to keep it with little baby hands
  • does not include BPA
  • 260ml bottle
  • suitable for babies over 1 month old
  • easy to be filled and cleaned - the product is combined of only a few elements which make its assembly and washing simple and fast
  • compatible with other Phillips Avent Natural products - the elements of bottles, cups and breast pumps can be combined and adjusted

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