Pink & Gold Retro Wooden Kitchen


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Children love to imitate adults in their daily activities. Cooking is undoubtedly one of them!

Every feast (even the pretend ones) requires careful preparation. To this end, a beautiful children's kitchen will prove invaluable.

A wooden kitchen is a dream come true for many kids. Made with great care, it delights with its details and practicality!

It is equipped with:

faucet with knobs and a deep sink
burners with light and sound effects
with wooden "knobs"
oven with rattan mesh
a rail with hooks for kitchen accessories
spatula, ladle, and straining spoon
Salt and pepper shakers
Pot and pan with lids
an additional cabinet (which can also serve as a microwave) and shelves for accessories
Most of the elements were made of wood. It has been carefully sanded and coated with non-toxic paint - all for the safety of your little one.

Surely you have seen many models of children's kitchens. What distinguishes this model is its timeless retro design.

Decide for yourself how your kitchen will look like. The double-sided wall gives you the opportunity to change the look of your kitchen depending on your preferences. On one side is a smooth cream wall on the other wallpaper with ornament.

A great advantage of the kitchen is that it is equipped with light and sound effects. It has a removable gas stove panel that lights up and makes sounds similar to the real device after pressing buttons.

Wooden toys are an option for parents who not only care about entertaining their kids but also about our planet. Made of natural materials, safe and durable, they will successfully serve many generations of children.

Knobs, movable doors, hooks - lots of small elements that will occupy little hands. Operating them allows developing grasp and small motor skills.

The kitchen for children is not only great fun! In the course of "cooking" the child will learn:

how to use the burners without getting burned
how to operate the oven and microwave - practice with pretend buttons and knobs will help to understand the real appliance
Organizing the space - your child will understand the importance of tidiness while preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards

Playing in the kitchen is a great excuse to introduce your child to household chores. If you want him to help you with washing up, it would be good for him to start with dishes that are hard to break ;)

The kitchen is very flexible, it will be a great addition to your child's room or playroom. It delights with its aesthetics!

The retro-style kitchen will appeal to enthusiasts of rustic interior design, as well as lovers of Boho or Scandi aesthetics. Simple form and subdued colours - a combination of white, gold and powder pink - makes it look elegant and will be beautiful in any interior.

This is one of those "toy furniture" that, besides looking great or providing entertainment, provides additional storage space for toys or blocks.

Provide your child with hours of fun, valuable play. Inspire them to prepare meals for their dolls or teddy bears, and who knows - maybe a new master chef will grow up under your roof.

Kitchen for self-assembly - the fun starts already when assembling.

Set contents:
  • Kitchen for self-assembly
  • pot with lid
  • frying pan
  • salt shaker
  • pepper shaker
  • spoon
  • strainer
  • strainer spatula
  • power supply: 2x 3AAA (not included)
  • Material: MDF, plastic, wood
  • Dimensions of the kitchen: 68cm x 29cm x 100cm
  • Height of the ballet from the floor: 51cm
  • Dimensions of accessories:
  • Cutlery length: 16cm
  • Pot (diameter x height): 11cm x 6.5cm
  • Package dimensions: 79cm x 55cm x 15cm

Age: 3+

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