RC Huina TOYS 1571 Alloy Ball Grabber 16CH 2.4GHZ 1:14

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RC Huina TOYS 1571 Alloy Ball Grabber is a perfectly replicated remote-controlled model made with the extremely precise die-cast method. The demo look and functionality reflects a real construction machine. The presented excavator is a vehicle in 1:14 scale, made of durable and durable ABS material and metal.

The 2.4GHz controlled model moves forwards, backwards, turns left, turns right, turns right and left. The arm itself is fully functional, it raises and lowers, and the gripper opens and closes. The presented model is equipped with lights and beeps.
The presented model is in the RTR version, i.e. it is ready to drive right out of the box.
You can turn off the sound completely if you care about silence while using the toy

Technical specification:

  • Scale: 1:14
  • Weight: approx. 2kg
  • Dimensions: 42cm x 26cm x 20cm (size may vary depending on the gripper layout)
  • Material: metal and ABS plastic
  • Number of channels: 16
  • Directions of movement: forwards, backwards, left, right, arm movements, turning left/right, closing/opening the grapple
  • Frequency of transmitter operation: 2.4GHz
  • Fun time: about 20 minutes
  • Charging time: 120 minutes
  • Range: up to 50m
  • Transmitter power supply: 2x AA battery (not included)

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