Sensillo Feeding Pillow Minky - Flowers


A Sensillo feeding pillow makes breastfeeding easier and, thanks to its ergonomic shape, it gives secure support to the baby. It also looks great, the effect of combining original printed cotton fabrics with the favourite knitted fabric of all parents and their children - Minky. The result is a unique pillow that is beautiful, delicate and practical


  • the ergonomic "croissant " shape of the feeding pillow allows keeping the child in a safe position during breast & bottle feeding
  • ideal dimensions (approx. 60x40x11cm) - allow for convenient use of the product
  • adapted to the physique of infants - the toddler lies safely and securely
  • pleasant to the touch removable cover - 100% cotton/ 100% Minky
  • easy to clean
  • the filling is anti-allergic elastic silicone it is soft but does not collapse
  • materials ensure adequate air circulation
  • high quality and attractive design

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