Sensillo Breastfeeding Pillow - Spots


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Aren't you sure how to put your baby in the safest position during breastfeeding or feeding with a bottle? Do you have back pain after such activities? Provide you and your baby with stable and safe support in the form of a breastfeeding nursing pillow. Made from the highest quality materials, the breastfeeding nursing pillow is exceptionally mellow and suited to your baby's anatomy, yet does not fall in.

Product features:

  • the pillow helps with breastfeeding, feeding with a bottle and lulling a baby
  • the product can be also used as a support for sitting babies, like a soft toy or a decoration
  • thanks to its ergonomic shape, the pillow allows you to keep the baby in a safe position
  • perfect dimensions (60x40x11cm) - for the most comfortable usage
  • suited to the babies' anatomy - for comfortable and safe lying
  • equipped with a mellow, detachable case - 100% made from cotton
  • easy to keep clean
  • filled with the elastic silicone which makes it soft but not falling in
  • used materials enable sufficient air circulation
  • high quality and attractive-looking

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