Sensillo Winter Footmuff Bundle - Pink

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Sensillo Winter Footmuff Bundle - Pink is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Sensillo Indiana footmuff is an ideal product for winter walks. Stylish design with high-quality workmanship. The footmuff is lined with waterproof material.

This footmuff is covered with waterproof material. The inside layer is padded with a soft and warm fleece. Additionally, there is a fluffy, anti-allergic fleece between them, which provides effective protection and comfort.

The sleeping bag is suitable for deep carts, prams and sledges. It has also 5-point belt holes, which enable the safe attachment of a child. A sew-in zip allows for quick unfastening or complete removal of the top layer.


  • 3-layer structure: waterproof material, insulation and fleece interior.
  • It can be used in deep trolleys, prams and as a sleeping bag
  • 5-point belt slots allow for safe attachment of the child
  • sew-in zip allows for quick unfastening or complete removal of the top layer
  • the fur on the hood is removable
  • anti-allergenic non-woven fabric

approx. 100×50cm

Sheathing: 100% polyester
Contribution: 100% polyester


  • The maximum wash temperature is 30 degrees
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not clean chemically
  • Do not iron

Sensillo Buggy "Sheep" Hand Muff Gloves - Black


  • protects your hands against the weather
  • Velcro fastening allows you to maintain the proper position of the muff
  • can be used in strollers with one or two handles
  • waterproof outer material protects against snow and rain
  • soft and warm inner lining of "sheepskin" type warms up your hands
  • outer layer waterproof fabric 100% polyester inner layer soft and warm "sheepskin" - 100% polyester
  • 2 pcs / 21 x 45 cm

Set includes:

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