Scarlett All in One Furniture Set - Baby Cot available in 2 colours

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Scarlett Baby Cot 

  • stylish furniture at a reasonable price
  • interesting design and functionality
  • furniture can look modern and be used for multiple purposes in various rooms
  • thoroughly tested (EU safety certificates, based on profound examinations of their durability and the materials used)
  • created in accordance with the outline of children’s development
  • made from anti-allergic materials and painted with ecological lacquers which makes it fully safe for a child

Let your baby sleep comfortably in conditions that are best for their development with this baby cot which is now available in Ireland. Being the embodiment of popular Scandinavian style combined with natural warm colours, this baby cot meets even the most sophisticated tastes. This product's design is modern and unconventional and its stable construction ensures comfort and safety for the child.

Product features:

colour: beech OR white

inside dimensions: 120 x 60cm
outside dimensions (cm): ↔124 ↕88 ●66
MDF board
furniture board


  • 3 levels of bottom's height: upper - 560 mm, medium - 410 mm, low - 260 mm
  • 3 detachable spokes
  • made from anti-allergic materials
  • safe for children
  • ecological paints used

Scarlett Chest of drawers with a changer

Combine the progressive design with functionality in your child's bedroom by putting there our baby chest of drawers easily convertible into a changing unit. Equipped with three capacious drawers and three closed shelves, this baby chest of drawers which is now available in Ireland is real facilitation for moms. Colours of white and beech please the eye of even the most demanding people and the chest of drawers is fully compatible with a changer. First, it will be used to change the baby, and when the baby grows up, we disassemble the changing table and the dresser itself is left with no traces of the use of the changing table. Such a chest of drawers will serve you for many years.

Product features:

- a chest of drawers + a changer

a chest of drawers: 120 x 94 x 45 cm
a changer: 54 x 9 x 74 cm
Colour: white-beech

  • 3 capacious drawers
  • closed shelves inside
  • easy and fast assembling of a changer

    Scarlett Kids' Wardrobe

    Wishing to find a piece of furniture that will serve your child for many years? This kids' wardrobe Scarlett will satisfy your needs. Equipped with 3 shelves, 2 rods, and a capacious drawer, this kids' wardrobe is the most modern and neutrally-coloured thing you can think of. With this piece of furniture, the functionality and comfort of usage are guaranteed.

    Product features:
    dimensions: 180 x 80 x 52 cm 
    colour: white-beech

    • 2 shelves
    • 1 hanging rod
    • a functional drawer with ball-bearing slide - the full extension slide
    • the drawer's depth: 13cm (max. 18cm)
    • the drawer's extension slide: 27cm

    Scarlett Bookcase

    Get delighted with the original aesthetics of this stylish piece of children's bedroom furniture which is a Scarlett bookcase. The fusion of the Scandinavian style with a natural beech shade attracts attention and makes the furniture perfect for both the baby's room and the older child's room. With this piece of children's bedroom furniture, you can easily store different toys, books and decorative boxes.

    Product features:

    colour; beech - white

    dimensions: 146 x 80 x 40 cm

    outside dimensions (cm): ↔80 ↕146 ●40


    furniture board

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