Tomme Tippee Lactation Pads Nursing Pads For Bras 100 pcs


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Do you want to feel comfortable even though you're breastfeeding your baby? These Tomme Tippee nursing pads for bras will care for you as a mother and as a woman. Now you do not have to worry about milk leaking out of your breast as well as about that somebody would see the nursing pads for bras because their thin structure allows the highest comfort of use.

Product features:

  • Ultra absorbent but breathable

  • Thin and discreet

  • Soft, silky texture

  • profiled

  • the pads do not change their place - thanks to an adhesive tape

  • double-packed

  • big and disposable

  • comprised of two layers - a water-resistant, moisture-proof one and a super soft inner layer

  • light and invisible under clothes

  • adhere to breast

  • 100 pcs in one package

  • perfect for sensitive and irritated skin

  • the surface of a pad is kept dry

  • extremely efficient

Opinions of moms who use Tommee Tippee lactation pads:

The best pads I've ever used! They're really absorbent, nice-looking on the breast and big. Thanks to the adhesive tape they don't move. They are very delicate, and their texture protects milk from leaking. I don't feel them even when I have irritated breast.”

"The best pads I've ever used. They absorb food turning it into a gel, so your breasts and underwear stay dry. "

"I tried them because they were included with the breast pump. Very good pads. Soft, discreet, airy, thin, yet absorbent. They are comfortable on the chest but do not stand out from under the clothes. Comfortable. I recommend to all those who are breastfeeding! "

Why is breastfeeding so good for your baby?

Mother's milk is the best food: it strengthens the immunity of newborns, contains a lot of antibodies, thanks to which the child is protected from infection, and the likelihood of allergies or asthma decreases significantly;

Breast milk always has the right temperature and is sterile;

The infant easily absorbs breast milk;

Mother's milk supports the proper development of the infant's brain.

Advantages of breastfeeding for moms:

You can have breast milk at any time, at the right temperature and above all: for free;

Breastfeeding helps the uterus to return to its previous size faster after delivery;

Breastfeeding reduces the chance of developing some conditions, such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer or osteoporosis;

Breastfeeding is burning about 800 calories a day, so you can get rid of extra kilos faster during pregnancy;

Thanks to breastfeeding, your body produces hormones that are responsible for your well-being that will improve your and your baby's mood. Besides, you now have a great excuse to spend more time with your book!

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