Tooky Toy Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle - 40 pcs

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The Tooky Toy Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids is a box that has a built-in magnetic board that slides out of the lid. The set includes 30 pre-printed sheets showing the ways of flowing water and 9 magnetic pieces which need to be matched to the picture in the right way. Children will have hours of fun combining the pieces so that water can flow freely through the pipe to the animals who are waiting for water.

Product features:

  • From 3 years old,
  • Material wood,
  • Multicolour,
  • The toy contains 30 sheets and 9 magnetic pieces that need to be matched to the picture. Each sheet contains a different setting to be arranged.
  • In the set, you will also find a booklet which suggests how to arrange the pieces so that they match each other,
  • The set contains 40 elements,
  • Elements made of wood,
  • Painted with non-toxic paints,
  • The product is safe for children.
  • The toy develops logical thinking, manual skills, eye coordination and memory.

Set includes:

  • 30 pre-printed sheets 
  • 9 magnetic pieces
  • A booklet


  • Package dimensions 26 x 23 x 20 (cm)

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