TwistShake Anti-Colic Bottle 260 ml - Pink

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The Twistshake bottle is an innovative solution for babies who are previously breastfed naturally. Unique strainer-mixer precisely distributes milk or porridge and prevents lumps. The flexible and soft teat tip resembles a mother's nipple, preserving the natural sucking action of breastfeeding. Twistflow system minimizes the likelihood of baby colic. A wide bottle inlet makes it easy to pour milk and wash it later. The bottle is extremely comfortable for your baby to hold and keeps food warm for a long time. You can also use the Twistshake bottle to prepare a drink with pieces of fruit. The strainer will stop fruit particles and protect the teat from clogging.
The bottles are made of polypropylene and the teat is made of high-quality silicone. All materials are free from harmful BPA and comply with the European standard EN14350.
The Twistshake set includes a bottle, a strainer-mixer, a teat, a resealable container for fizzy milk or snacks, a bottle lid. Bottles come in three capacities: 180 ml, 260 ml and 330 ml.


  • Strainer - effectively grinds your milk mixture or porridge
  • Twistmix - allows you to combine elements in different colors and bottle capacities
  • Anti-colic teat - silicone, size M (from 2 months of age): breast milk, modified milk
  • Container - allows you to conveniently store a portion of formula or snacks
  • Easyclean function - wide neck of the bottle and the container makes it easy to keep clean
  • Nipple valve - reduces colic
  • Ergonomic shape - comfortable for baby to hold
  • BPA-free - does not contain phthalates, made of materials safe for baby
  • PP-plastic - made of high-quality polypropylene
  • Meets the safety requirements set out in the EN 14350 standard


  • Cleaning directly after use is faster and easier.
  • Before heating liquids directly in the bottle, remove the lid and teat.
  • All Twistshake products are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Innovative TwistFlow system

The unique TwistFlow system is specially designed to reduce discomfort for your baby and facilitate a regular flow of liquid. Undissolved milk lumps can clog up the teat and disrupt your baby's harmonious sucking process causing nervousness and minimal air gulping. The unique mixer-screen effectively dissolves the mixture and minimizes the risk of clogging the teat. Specially designed valve in the nipple (hole at the base) discharges excess air. Thanks to this the flow of liquid is even, which minimizes the likelihood of colic.

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