Viga Sensory Board Manipulative Elephant


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A wonderful proposition from the Viga company - a sensory educational toy which only needs to be screwed to the wall. A set of sensory and manipulative toys in the form of a panel to be hung on the wall. Cute elephant is perfect for home, kindergarten, or any other place where children frequent - in the waiting room, gym... 

Colorful elephant will take your child into the world of sounds. 

The board should be hung on the wall at an appropriate height for the child. 

The elephant has three main attractions attached to its body: 

 The corrugated board when rubbed with a wooden stick makes characteristic sounds. The toy will help to develop your child's musical sensitivity, while providing him/her with a lot of fun and joy. 

Millwheel with balls will make your child smile with every rotation. Colourful balls will focus the child's eyes and encourage further play. Let your child take them on a journey to the land of sound. 

Cymbals are one of the first instruments for children - little musicians. Colourful elements will attract the attention of every toddler, and additionally they can be used to learn not only the scale but also colours. 

Product features: 

  • from 12 months 
  • Material Wood 
  • colours blue

Set includes: 

  • Viga Sensory Board Manipulative Elephant 


  • Product dimensions 91 x 32 x 4.5 cm 

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